Jammin Java - Mid-Atlantic Band Battle - Prelim Round

There's no better way to start our album recording/ DMV tour than to play in the final round of the Mid-Atlantic Band Battle at Jammin Java. The judges were so impressed with our previous performance, we earned the wild card pick for the final round.  We can't wait for our shot at the grand prize! 

Below is a short clip of "Kingdom From" performed at the prelims round.


What a great experience it was to share the stage with so many great, local artists. We're excited to get another opportunity to play for the judges and our fans. Thank you to those who came to support us. Let's make it happen one more time! 

See you August 31st @ 7:00 PM

Zach Miller

Z.Miller Photography, 2009 Glenhaven Pl, Silver Spring, MD, 20902, United States